The Slice Life

We're continuously looking for the best talent, and are always hiring individuals who share our Core Values :


Hungry for Perfection, Always

This team gets. sh!t. done. Pizza makes people happy, and that obsessive commitment to making our partners and customers happy is what keeps us moving. We aren't affraid of failure. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and dive right in. Slicers are always raising the bar, finding the "yes", continuing to hit new career heights, and striving towards perfection. This appetite to learn, grow, and perfect is how we harness the power of pizza


Collaboration, Family-Style

We're in this together. We span the globe, but we work as one - individual pieces that make up a family-sized pie. Slicers build each other up with the true collaboration and respect. We check our hats at the door and approach every initiative on even footing. From team members to pizzeria partners to customers, we handle every facet of our experience with support, trust, and warmth. Our doors, are always open, and we're ready to build something better - together

Authenticity, Guaranteed

No one at Slice in the same. Much like how every local pizzeria has their own unique recipe, every Slicer adds their own special flavor to the business. We champion individuality, show pride in our talents and, in turn, take ownership of our mistakes. We bring in the best of the best - people who think outside the pizza box, stay true to themselves, and bring their own unique personality and perspective. Our authenticity is guaranteed, and our diversity makes us strong.


What to expect

  • Full insurance and benefits
  • Competitive salary
  • Work and collaborate with industry experts in NYC
  • FREE in house lectures/courses to improve your English.
  • Pizza Parties
  • Movie night
  • Team outings/excursions
    • Beach party in Gradishte
    • Picnic in Korab
    • Skiing in Mavrovo
  • 40 hr. work week