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Criteria for admission

Once an application for Slice School is submitted, all applicants must take the SEPA (Slice English Proficiency Assessment) test. Provided you pass this preliminary test successfully, you will be contacted by the Recruitment Team shortly after.

The External English courses we offer last for 1 month, and depending on your final grade, you will be contacted for an interview based on our hiring needs.

Courses available at Slice School

English Courses:

  • Beginner level English
  • Elementary level English
  • Intermediate level English
  • Advanced level English

Functional Training:

  • Company Core Values
  • Mission and vision
  • Job-related knowledge
  • Skills and Attitude


In an effort to give back to a community that has helped us grow, we are offering FREE courses at Slice. Our courses are for all levels of English as well as various job skills. We invite everyone who wants to gain experience and advance their career to apply!

Training & Development

At Slice, we put a strong emphasis on continually improving ourselves and our teams. The Training & Development Team aims to enhance communication and the power of teamwork, while reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

New employees spend 3 to 4 weeks in training, which consists of a combination of classroom and on‒the‒job instructions. We also emphasize an element of fun (yes, fun!) to help develop your relationship and contributions to the Slice family!